Creative Residency Program

Extra Muros is an itinerant creative residency program that aims to bring together innovative and creative artists from all around the globe for a two-week long production and writing camp. Open to all, it is held every year in changing locations and countries, and seeks to encourage the creation of underground music and sonic sounds.


Dedicated to producers from the alternative scenes, Extra Muros observes a large variety of artistic sensibilities and is free for all to apply. A total of six artists & producers from all over the globe will be working together on new hybrid compositions for two weeks for each edition and will integrate the ALUMNI network of the program.


A compilation regrouping the collaborative tracks of all involved musicians and producers will be produced for every edition and made available on Vinyl and digitally.


Every upcoming edition of the residency takes place in a different unique location adapted to and for music experimentation and production. From the heart of buzzing cities like Nairobi to the remoteness of Apulian landscapes, Extra Muros changes setup and context annually to foster the unique and experimental side of this artistic experience.


Retracing the steps and journey of every program, through a series of interviews, the short documentaries produced by Extra Muros question various notions on artistic production, heritage and collaboration , in a context of digitalization of creative practices.

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